Studio 88 guest writer Kavin Pramesiripaisan

Studio 88 is happy to welcome our guest writer Kavin Pramesiripaisan to our community. Read more about his work here and keep an eye out for his upcoming articles.

Kavin Pramesiripaisan is a Thailand-based photojournalist. He has completed a bachelor’s degree in Film and Screen studies and began working as a videographer and creative director. In 2021, His photography was featured in the American photography magazine, Photography Week Magazine.

Soon after returning home to Thailand from Australia, he has endeavoured to explore the richness of Thai culture as well as the complex history of his people and the obstacles that young people in Thailand face today. These are the subjects of his work today as a photojournalist for a local news agency in Chiang Mai and a volunteer photographer for Greenpeace, covering various environmental and political issues.

You can take a look at his work here.

Keep an eye out for his upcoming article about Laboratory 88: The AiR We Breathe exhibition at Studio 88.

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