Laboratory 88: The AiR We Breathe exhibition

From 11 March to 2 April 2023 Studio 88 Artist Residency in Doi Saket will host the exhibition “Laboratory 88”, which brings together international and Thai artists to explore air quality as part of the Chiang Mai ART for AIR festival.

Curated by U Bat Sat, artist and ART for AIR committee member, the exhibition explores a range of themes, such as burning, water, forests, air particles and the sound of the breath. Find out more about the artists and their works here and join us for the opening at 11am on Saturday 11 March.

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Women workers in the spotlight at exhibition for International Women’s Day

For Women Historical Month and International Women’s Day, and to celebrate a global women rights movement, Studio 88 Artist Residency in partnership with Siamaya Chocolate Factory and Weave Artisan Society, is organising “The Backs of Women” exhibition by American artist Ruth Cohen, until 26 March 2023.

The exhibition opening reception and talk on women empowerment will be on Wednesday 8 March 2023, 17:00–19:00 at Siamaya Chocolate Factory Flagship Store, Weave Artisan Society.

We sat down with Ruth Cohen, the Siamaya Chocolate Factory and Weave Artisan Society to talk about why this exhibition is important for women’s rights.

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Interview with Annelie Hendriks, founder of Samsara Foundation

Annelie Hendriks is a Dutch national who has lived for 20 years in Doi Saket, Chiangmai. She studied Cultural Studies and International Relations and started her career making exhibitions for museums. Later she was the director of an institute in cross cultural training, working for international NGO’s and companies. When she moved to Thailand 20 years ago she opened the Samsara Foundation, which had the aim of getting all children to school in Mae Hong Son Province. The foundation focused on building facilities to support schools, such as dormitories, canteens, toilet buildings, kitchens, clean water installations and solar panel electricity projects. This infrastructure had a great impact, as many children in that province didn’t go to school due to the lack of boarding facilities. The organisation closed in 2016, having achieved its ambition of getting kids to school, and now Annelie is turning her attention towards creative storytelling using mixed media.

Aom from Studio 88 had a chat to Annelie about her work and life in Doi Saket. Read more

Interview with Ong from ComPeung Artist Residency

Pisithpong Siraphisut (Ong) is a multidisciplinary artist. In 2005 he founded ComPeung, the longest ongoing independent artist residency in Thailand. ComPeung doesn’t only provide a space but a playground, a home and freedom. Studio 88 talked to Ong about ComPeung and the reasons behind opening such a space in Doi Saket. Read more

Recovering from conflict through craft and community

In the weekend of 7 September 2019, Chiangmai city welcomes a line-up of inspiring speakers in the event organised by TEDxChiangmai. This year’s theme, Shake&Shift Through the Eyes of Women, explores how women’s ideas and actions have the power to shake things up and shift perspectives. Among other speakers, Aom is proud that Armeenoh Hayimasae, one of her leading stakeholders of the Crafting Futures programme at the British Council, will be presenting. Read more