Studio 88 Artist Residency provides a space to reflect and experiment for all creative thinkers and makers.

We believe in the power of integrating art into everyday life to create positive change in the world. Studio 88 is particularly interested in how art can interact with nature, people and culture in daily life, challenging ways of thinking and also providing innovative alternatives. From artists’ self-exploration to artistic collaborations, from creatively engaging with the aspirations of schoolchildren to crafting with older generations, every creative project has the potential to change lives.

Bamboo grove around Studio 88 Artist Residency, Chiangmai
Bamboo grove around Studio 88 Artist Residency, Chiangmai

Studio 88 Artist Residency is based in the northern Thai town of Doi Saket, just 30 minutes from the creative city of Chiangmai. Co-founded by cultural managers Sasiwimon Wongjarin and Claire Rosslyn Wilson, Studio 88 is driven by a desire to connect creative thinkers and contribute to local communities. Studio 88 provides space to experiment with the process of creating, as well as time out from the busy day-to-day life in order to relax and reflect.

Studio 88 has an international outreach. It believes in the importance of connecting international creative thinkers with local communities, and they aim to foster this connection through meaningful and tangible projects. Keep an eye out on upcoming open calls for more information about the special projects.

Mae Kuang Dam, 10 minutes from Studio 88, Doi Saket
Mae Kuang Dam, 10 minutes bike ride from Studio 88, Doi Saket

About Doi Saket

Doi Saket is a small town of 64,116 people 30 minutes from the heart of Chiangmai. It is a rural setting, surrounded by rice paddies and fields with the mountains as a backdrop.

Within walking distance there are several cafes and restaurants, as well as a small supermarket, basic pharmacy, market stalls and a ceramic studio.

Yellow House coffee, Studio 88 Artist Residency Chiang Mai
Yellow House cafe, 5 minutes from Studio 88 Artist Residency Chiangmai

Nearby attractions

  • Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort
  • Mae Kuang Dam
  • Wang Tarn Resort
  • Doi Saket Temple
  • Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum
  • Sankamphang hot spring
  • Bo Sang and Sankamphang craft centre

There are several beautiful day trips into the mountains, heading in the direction of the mountain town of Chiang Rai.