Residency Costs

The residency fees include arrival and departure transportation to and from the space, accommodation, work or studio space, internet and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). Residents will need to bring their own computer or other materials relevant for their work.

The length of the residencies can be from one to two months. Studio 88 believes in supporting artists in their continual development, and has a particular specialty in woodwork. There is a larger studio space that can be used with technical support, if needed.

Room & Studio + 2 meals (breakfast & dinner) Room & Studio + 1 meal (breakfast) Room & Studio
1 Month USD 1,050 USD 750 USD 620
2 Months USD 2,100 USD 1,500 USD 1,280

* These fees are for artists only. If family members are also attending please get in touch to ask about additional costs.

Costs not included in the fees are return airfares, health insurance, visa fees, local transport costs while in the residence or other project related costs. Studio 88 can provide a support letter to any accepted artist who is applying for a grant.

Once the residency is confirmed, we request payment of 50% of the fee as a deposit in advance. The 2nd half of the residency fee must be paid when commencing the residency. The 50% deposit is non-refundable, except in exceptional circumstances.

Additional optional costs

Assistance with woodwork, metalwork, mixed-media work projects: inquire for further details.