Residency FAQs

Who is the residency for?

The residency is open to diverse art forms such as literature, visual arts, new media, performing arts (dance, theatre, music), craft and design. However, it is a space open for a great diversity of creative projects and thinkers, which could include curators who need the time to develop their next project or academics who need space to read and write. It’s possible to connect with local artists and communities or to intensively work on your own project. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about your potential project.

How do I get a visa?

There are two tourist visa options, either 30 days on arrival, or you can arrange a two month tourist visa in advance (that can normally be extended by another 30 days). You will need to check the conditions for each country and you can refer to the Thai visa authority for more information.

Visa fees are not covered by Studio 88.

Should I get insurance?

It is a good idea to get insurance to cover things like loss of baggage, change of flights or for health needs.

What do I need to bring with me?

Aside from normal packing for a tropical country (comfortable clothes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a basic medical kit) you will also need to bring supplies for your work. There are some art supplies in Chiangmai if needed. The studio spaces have a table, chair, power source and access to the internet. If you foresee any other needs, please contact us before your arrival to discuss.

Where can I eat?

Breakfast and dinner can be provided at the residency (for an additional cost of 100 USD per week per resident), please contact us beforehand if you you would like to take up this option. In this case, breakfast would be a selection of fruits and cereals, and dinner would be home-cooked local dishes.

Otherwise, in town there are several restaurant options serving local dishes, and one Italian restaurant. Meals range from 30 baht to 250 baht, depending on the restaurant. There are also cafes that serve tea and coffee, ranging from 30 baht to 90 baht.

There are small market stalls in town the sell fruit and vegetables and also a small supermarket that sells a range of products.

Are there vegetarian options?

Dietary requirements can be catered for. Please do get it touch beforehand if you have any dietary requirements.

Is there internet?

There is wifi internet throughout the complex. However, keep in mind that this is a rural area and that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that make the internet connection less reliable.

Is there room cleaning?

Twice a week the bungalow will be cleaned. However it is also expected that the spaces will be kept relatively clean throughout the stay. If there is any damage to the bungalows the resident will need to cover the cost of repair.

How do I do my washing?

Sak Homestay offers a coin washing machine within its vicinity.

Is the water drinkable?

Tap water is not drinkable, but each bungalow will be provided with bottled drinking water.

How do I get into Chiangmai?

There is a yellow bus (sawng-thaew) that leaves from the centre of town, about five minutes walk from the residency, and finishes at Wararot market in Chiangmai city. The first one leaves Doi Saket at 5am and the last one leaves at about 2:30pm and they run about every half an hour. The last return bus leaves Chiangmai at about 5pm. If you take this bus from Chiangmai you will need to ask for the one that goes to Mae Kuang Dam (Khuen Mae Kuang bus, which leaves from next to the river in Chiangmai) as there are two parts to Doi Saket and the other part of town is 6km from the residency. If you miss the last bus you can take the other Doi Saket bus and then take a motorcycle taxi from the last stop, the market. The bus normally costs about 40 baht.

How do I get around?

Aside from the sawng-thaew bus to Chiangmai, it is possible to get around locally on a bicycle (provided on demand at Studio 88). It is also possible to hire a motorbike at Sak Homestay for THB150/day, and there is a discount for longer term rentals. Additionally, it is possible to hire a car from Chiangmai. There is parking available at Studio 88.

Where can I withdraw money?

There is an ATM two minutes away from the residency and there is also a bank in main part of Doi Saket town (6 kms away) and in Chiangmai.

How do I get a phone/SIM card?

When arriving you can get a local SIM card from either the airport or Chiangmai (if arriving by bus or train). There are various options that include unlimited data for two weeks or a month, and can be topped up easily. There is phone reception at the residency.

Are there hospitals near the residency?

There is a hospital in Doi Saket (about 10 minutes drive from the residency) and there are several pharmacies. There are also several big hospitals in Chiangmai, private and public, and some also speak English.

Can I invite friends or family?

Family can join the artists and occasional visits are allowed. Contact Studio 88 before applying to inquire about additional costs for more guests. Please do keep in mind that the residency is intended for focused creative work for all artists.