Icebound exhibition, managed by Studio 88, in the media

Studio 88 was excited to be involved in managing the exhibition “Icebound” by the Dutch artist Annelie Hendriks, and to add to the excitement it seems we weren’t the only ones who love Annelie’s work.

Dutch artist Annelie Hendriks at her exhibition “Icebound”, managed by Studio 88 Artist Residency

Chiangmai City Life covered the opening of Icebound at Weave Artisan Society and wrote a review of the exhibition. As the article explains:

“Icebound contains two categories: ‘frozen windows’ and ‘frozen vegetables’; the frozen photos were all regular photos of vegetables at first, until they were frozen in water and held up to light, that’s the wonder behind those blocks of ice.”

Opening of the exhibition “Icebound”, managed by Studio 88 Artist Residency

iChiangmai also featured the exhibition in their social lifestyle platform.

You can read more about Annelie’s exhibition here.

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