Studio 88 featured on Arts Residency Network Taiwan

This month Studio 88 Artist Residency was featured on the Arts Residency Network Taiwan (ARNT), an initiative from the the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan to promote exchange for local and international artists, curators and cultural institutions.

Since 2000, the Ministry of Culture has engaged in cultural diplomacy by partnering with artist villages in the USA, France, Australia and the Czech Republic. Several Taiwanese artists are selected each year and receive funding to go abroad on residency exchange, enabling them to find inspiration in a different cultural setting. In 2001, Taipei Artist Village was established and became the first public-funded artist village in Taiwan. Over the last decade or so, several private organisations and local governments have begun to utilise idle space to run artist villages, and they are now playing a key role in cultural exchange and mobilising artistic energy in the local community. Artists and the public and private sectors are now attaching more and more importance to the multi-faceted value of artist villages, and more residency-based exchange programmes are taking root all over Taiwan.

ARNT is intended to support this exchange of creative ideas through the distribution of information on local and international artist villages. Also check out their great database of artists who have participated in residencies abroad!