Interview with Studio 88 in Art+Plus magazine

For Art+Plus magazine Laura Shen recently interviewed Aom about Studio 88 and her reasons for founding the Residency. Published in the August/September 2019 issue, the interview explores themes of “Art Tourism”. Many cities use the arts as a way to develop the tourism industry, and more tourists would like to visit cultural events or places as a different way to experience a place.

As Aom says:

“I believe in the soft-power of the arts because it provides a more holistic way to promote our values and help others. Culture attracts visitors to experience the beauty of our landscapes, the treasures of our heritage and our way of life. The more visitors mean the more exchange, sharing and mutual understanding. This enables connection and lead to interwoven network that gives us the opportunity to promote our cultural and creative talents which play an important role in driving the country’s creative economy – a trend or national strategy that has become the country’s policy called Thailand 4.0.”

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