Testimonial: Jacob Black

UK-based photographer Jacob Black was an artist-in-residence at Studio 88 during the Air We Breathe special programme. Along with participating in a group exhibition, he also had a chance to work on a new body of work. Read about his experience here.

My time a Studio88 was a month of creativity and discovery. I landed in Chiang Mai ready to create a body of work for the upcoming Art for Air Festival and was greeted by Aom who made me feel instantly welcome and took me out for a delicious meal, which would become a theme of the next month. I spend the next few days becoming familiar with the surroundings of Doi Saket taking motorbikes through the rolling hills and dense forests while trying to get an understanding of the PM 2.5 pollution problem.

Jacob Black, UK photographer and Kavin Pramesiripaisan, Thai photojournalist went trekking, with local villagers, in a nearby forest in Doi Saket, Chiangmai, in the midst of the dry season.

I began to make work in the area using the calming space at Studio 88 to think and plan then going out to photographically experiment. I felt I could always go to Aom for help working through ideas and for more information on the area. My work was continually informed by trips that were planned by Studio88, like visiting a dust lab and academics at Chiang Mai University along with more great food and conversations.

The month rolled on and I continued to meet interesting artists and people, who gave me more inspiration and information to create an engaging and well-informed body of work. Aom and others made me feel a real part of the artist community in Chiang Mai giving me an immersive and genuine experience.

Jacob Black, works in progress at Studio 88.

As the Art for Air exhibition came closer my work intensified I experienced a lot of creative thematic challenges which I was able to overcome with the time and space afforded at Studio 88. Following a process and working through creative blocks during my time at Studio 88 will inform my creative practice moving forward.

My stay at Studio 88 was one of the best creative experiences I have had, and I truly hope to be back one day.

Read more about Jacob’s work here.