Join us online: Studio 88 AiR We Breathe workshop and discussion space

Studio 88’s AiR We Breathe special residency (part of the Art for Air festival) is hosting an online air tasting workshop and online exchange space.

The idea behind the online programme is to reach out to Chiang Mai and beyond, to exchange ideas and creative process and, ultimately, to learn from each other. Check out the details below and come and join our AiR We Breathe residency, no matter where you live!

Air Tasting free online workshop

Come and taste the air with Canadian Swiss artist Alex Grünenfelder.

This online workshop will introduce the basic elements of Alex’s Air Tasting method. Air Tasting is a sensory study of atmospheric phenomena and the perception of the air as our shared habitat. Grounded in techniques employed in wine tasting, perfumery and flavour science, the air tasting method demonstrates ways to increase sensory awareness and guides participants in a convivial and site-specific close encounter with the atmosphere.

The workshop will take place on Zoom over 2 sessions:

  • 24 February: 12:00–13:30 (Chiang Mai time)
  • 2 March: 12:00–13:00 (Chiang Mai time)

Participants should be indoors during the discussion components of the workshop, but some workshop activities will be performed individually outdoors, so make sure you can pop out easily! 

There are a very limited number of places – register now (for free) so you don’t miss out!

About Alex Grünenfelder

Alex Grünenfelder is a Canadian and Swiss artist studying the human relationship to landscape. His work employs performance, informal pedagogy, and cultural conventions of tasting. Through adapting and transforming historical and present-day landscape-oriented vernacular practices, his projects seek an expanded engagement with place. Current projects focus on the sensory analysis of atmospheric phenomena, and the medical history of the Air Cure and Milk Cure as site-specific climatic therapies. His work has been exhibited in Canada, USA, South Korea, Switzerland and Sweden, and has been recognised with grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council. 

Read more about Air Tasting and the Air Reports.

Online sharing and discussion space

The importance of keeping our air clean is more important than ever, as we realise the wide ramifications that poor air quality has on our lives and health. At the same time, there are some fantastic initiatives, organisations and creatives working to improve the air quality around us, and we believe that we can learn from and be inspired by these global examples.

It is with that in mind that we have opened an online sharing and discussion space for the duration of our AiR We Breathe residency, where we welcome contributions from around the world.

Throughout February and March 2023 we will be posting information, ideas, examples, creative works and questions about air quality and artistic processes. It is intended as a place for reflection and exchange, and we invite you to post your thoughts, projects or even some samples of your work.

Check out the space and join the conversation!