Do you need help starting an international artistic collaboration?

Starting an international collaboration can be hard. You might have some great ideas and a strong creative practice, but you don’t know where to start looking for local partners. That’s where Studio 88 Artist Residency comes in—we want to help connect Thai artists and arts organisation with the right international partners.

We (Aom and Claire, founders of Studio 88) have worked extensively in the cultural sector in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, developing projects that connect people across cultures. We have worked with organisations such as the Asia-Europe Foundation, the British Council, Arts Network Asia, On the Move, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Craft Victoria and more. That is why, when we set up Studio 88, we wanted to make international collaborations a core part of what we do.

Therefore, we are now calling for Thai artists or arts organisations and UK artists or arts organisations interested in collaborations to contact us, and we can help you find your ideal creative partner.

Connecting Southeast Asia and the UK

We are currently looking to make connections between Southeast Asia (specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia) and the UK, for anyone interested in applying for the British Council grant Connections through Culture.

The grants support new connections, exchanges and collaborations. They help build long-term relationships and collaborations between artists, cultural professionals, creative practitioners and art and cultural organisations, hubs, networks, and collectives. These projects can include artistic and creative exchanges of skills, knowledge, and practice, or the collaborative production of new artistic and creative content. Projects can be art residencies, exhibitions, performances and showcases, publications, webinars, and conferences.

Grant deadline: 23 October 2022

Finding collaborators

In addition to providing a space for artists to reflect, create and collaborate, we also help manage creative projects. We have experience in: developing and facilitating artist residencies; developing programmes and partnerships; presenting at festivals; managing events; supporting cultural education programmes; and researching trends in arts and culture.

We are always looking for new collaborators, but if a project idea is not the right fit for us we will work on helping connect you.

There is no fee for this, and no obligation to use our residency space, we just believe in making long-term connections and supporting the local cultural sector. We are not involved in the grant programme (it’s best to contact the funding organisations directly if you have questions about the grant itself), we just saw the challenges some artists have when developing proposals for these kind of grants and we want to lend our experience and expertise.

Send us an email with your project idea, and we can help connect you!

Get in touch at: studio88artistresidency[at]gmail[dot]com