Oli Gnani

From March to April 2023 Swiss artist Oli Gnani is an artist-in-residence at Studio 88. Oli is a Zurich-based artist who loves all things art and illustration.

Swiss artist Olivia Gnani

After having graduated from the Graphic Design class in Lucerne in 2011, Oli has developed their skills in several graphic design studios and agencies. Their interest in teaching, designing with other people and extending their knowledge in arts and crafts led them to their studies in the
Bachelor of Art Education, Aesthetic Education and Socioculture at ZHdK in Zurich. Between 2017 and 2018 they did an exchange year in Jerusalem, studying Fine Arts and Glass at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Oli has been working with their body in performative ways. Their topics are mostly about feminism and other political themes, addressed in the form of installations, drawings or sculptures besides performance. Finding ways to show and face fragilities are an important aspect of their art. They’re currently working on topics about gender-nonconforming identities.

Untitled performance by Olivia Gnani

At the residency at Studio 88, Oli would like to create and explore ideas about different gender identities and possibilities. They will explore gender stereotypes, where they’re coming from and how they can be used, changed, played and extended. Where are the lines in-between? Where are the gendered norms coming from? And what could a genderless identity look like? Is it even possible?

Female Body by Olivia Gnani

You can find out more about Oli’s work here.

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